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Muro Alto and Fernando de Noronha

Choose your destination in NANNAI at Pernambuco: Muro Alto, a beach with calm and warm waters on the south coast and 10 km from Porto de Galinhas, or Fernando de Noronha, a paradise island 370 km off the coast.
  • Muro Alto
    Pernambuco, a 10km de Porto de Galinhas e 54km da capital Recife
    Muro Alto
  • Fernando de Noronha
    Pernambuco, ilha pertencente ao arquipélago homônimo, a 370 km da costa brasileira
    Fernando de Noronha

Muro Alto Beach

Natural pools on the southern coast of Pernambuco, Brazil

Just 10 km from the famous Porto de Galinhas and a short journey of 54 km from the bustling state capital, Recife.

Muro Alto Beach is renowned for its natural pools formed by coral reefs, creating a captivating setting that arouses all the senses.

The strategic location allows you to immerse yourself in the warm and calm waters, relax on the golden sand under the tropical sun, or take part in a variety of activities, from water sports to exploring the rich local culture.

Enjoy the convenience of being a short drive away from Porto de Galinhas, with its quaint shops and restaurants offering the best of regional cuisine. Moreover, the vibrant city of Recife is just 54 km away, providing additional opportunities to explore the fascinating culture and history of Pernambuco.

But for many people, NANNAI Muro Alto is the destination. It's a haven of peace and tranquility for those who simply want to forget about the outside world and experience days of rest and relaxation.

Fernando de Noronha

Natural beauties and unforgettable experiences.

A Brazilian treasure in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. With white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, Fernando de Noronha is a paradise for diving, surfing, and ecotourism enthusiasts. Explore the lush marine life, impressive rock formations, and trails that unveil breathtaking views.

The possibilities are endless. Dive with sea turtles, hike to panoramic viewpoints, and experience breathtaking sunsets. The island of Fernando de Noronha is a natural playground that captivates all kinds of travelers.

Learn how to get to Fernando de Noronha.

Baía do Sueste

A retreat of serenity in Fernando de Noronha.

One of the treasures of the stunning island of Fernando de Noronha. Located in the turquoise waters of the Atlantic Ocean, this bay is a natural gem that captivates visitors with its untouched beauty and unique biodiversity.

Baía do Sueste is a combination of fine sand and crystal-clear waters, embraced by lush green hills and abundant vegetation. A postcard-perfect setting, the location offers a tranquil environment for nature enthusiasts to explore and unwind.

To preserve the beauty and biodiversity of Baía do Sueste, access is controlled and limited to a number of visitors. This ensures that each person's experience is authentic and respectful of nature.

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