The charm of lodging

Different people, different moments.

Staying at NANNAI is a chapter apart. The bungalows with private pools, since its founding in 2001, are an important milestone and have created a new hospitality experience in Brazil.

The accommodations were designed integrated with the tropical architecture and all have the NANNAI DNA, no matter their category.
Interesting noticing so many options. But, once you understand the completely personalized targeting, you realize that each type of hosting is for a profile or a certain moment in your life. This mosaic of accommodating people in a way that makes them feel good is in the essence of NANNAI.



In each one, a world of your own

Individual bungalows with swimming pools are part of the NANNAI DNA. These accommodations were designed to integrate with the tropical architecture, floating on the water mirrors that spread throughout the hotel. Master, Beira Mar, Vista Mar or Jardim, each one will transport you to a dimension of pure enchantment.




A complete house, with the charm of NANNAI

Our NANNAI reminiscent of a private villa, extremely attractive. The integrated bedroom and balcony bring a sense of continuity. They are 90m², with a swimming pool heated by solar energy, hydromassage and gazebo. In the double bedroom, super king bed and wine cellar. The master bath has two showers: one indoors and one outdoors, as well as a soaking tub. The Villa Suite also has a second space, with a sofa bed, mini pantry and a second bathroom.




Lots of light and a delightful balcony

To close your eyes and get lost in the net listening to the birds singing. Spacious and airy, they can overlook the gardens or they can be the exclusive ones overlooking the sea. Comfort and elegance in the right measure.




Pacotes e condições especiais

Ops, our promotions are over!

Stay tuned that we'll soon have new offers for you.


The best of authorial hotels with the options of a resort.

Sports, pool and sea activities, kids club, relaxation everywhere... NANNAI suits different guests, respecting each profile. The spaciousness of the hotel, plus its privileged architecture, preserve the individual space.

The pools, individual and collective, which communicate throughout the hotel, form 6 thousand m2 of water, a labyrinth that instigates the imagination.

Water aerobics, stretching, dancing, gym, beach tennis, tennis, stand up padle and kayaking... What to do and when, you decide.

Leisure, sports and services are taken seriously, with responsible professionals to attend from beginners to advanced, from the curious to the heavy user, from children to adults. Think of it like this... Specialization is part of NANNAI.

Because, yes, there is a NANNAI for each one.

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  • NANNAI Moments
    The NANNAI Family will do anything to accomodate you. Moments to celebrate, heal, make a comeback, meet friends, recharge. New cycles, stages, endings or beginnings. Because you matter. Choose your NANNAI Moment.
    NANNAI Moments
  • Special Amenities
    Surprise. Celebrate. Gift. It's the little things that make the difference. Add pampering to your NANNAI Moment.
    Special Amenities
  • Packages NANNAI
    Packages NANNAI
  • NANNAI SPA by L'Occitane
    Far beyond size, it combines the NANNAI spirit with the L'occitane standards, with its massages, in endless combinations.
    NANNAI SPA by L'Occitane

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NANNAI SPA by L'occitane

Two brands = infinite well-being

You think you've already been surprised, until you come across NANNAI's Spa. It is one of the largest signed by the French brand in Latin America. Far beyond size, it combines the NANNAI spirit with the L'occitane standards, with its massages, in endless combinations.

*The Spa is open to guests and the public in general.

Life's encounters

Dream your event with NANNAI

Decided to get married here? Arrange a company meeting?

NANNAI will dream with you to create your magic moment.

NANNAI Beach Boutique

More than a store, a beach "duty free".

NANNAI boutique surprises with its curation of national and international brands, its own brand, clothing and accessories, reminiscent of a beachside “duty free”. 

It makes the experience of traveling and gift giving even more enjoyable.

*The boutique is open to guests and the public in general

Eat, Pray and Repeat

Flavors, aromas and family secrets.

A dive into everything you know and still don't know. A secret? Some recipes run in the family.

At meals, the opportunity to try the specialties of the NANNAI Restaurant, with emphasis on seafood. If you're on the beach, how about the fish that weighs up to 10 kg in salt, which isn't a fisherman's story?

Plenty curated. In this recipe, there is extreme care with the ingredients, their freshness, the method of preparation, respect for supply chains until consumption. This is a sustainable hotel in principle, in relation to nature and human relations.


Our most modern tradition

TiaTê is the new restaurant at NANNAI Muro Alto. It could be another delicious meeting point, great cuisine, inspiring architecture, meeting of the waters, stunning views. It could. But it is not.



Restaurante NANNAI

In the morning and in the evening, buffet at the NANNAI Restaurant, with a dip in everything you know and still don't know. A secret? Some recipes run in the family.


No almoço à la carte, oportunidade de experimentar as especialidades do Restaurante NANNAI, com destaque para os frutos do mar. Se estiver na praia, que tal o peixe assado de até 10 kg no sal que não é história de pescador?


Muro Alto Beach

The "Muro Alto" or "Hight Wall" is formed by cliffs about 3 meters deep, an immense natural reef that creates pools of calm and warm waters. The scenery changes with the tide, providing a view of several beaches in just one, depending on the time of day and the light. Take it easy, float in pools, explore.

Porto de Galinhas

Porto de Galinhas is the most visited beach on the northeastern coast of Brazil. Such power of attraction comes from the natural pools, the wide variety of colorful fish and seahorses. In this fishing village, raft trips through the mangroves take place. Take the opportunity to visit the regional bars and restaurants, in addition to the fairs, shops and emporiums.

Hosting with affection

Welcoming, well-being, well-living. Are you coming here?

If you had a moment only to yourself, what would you do?

If you could choose, freely, for pure pleasure?

Anything? Everything? Would you see the sun rise? Would you sleep until noon?

Would you learn a new sport?

Would you choose Spa L’occitane’s entire menu of therapies?

Or the full NANNAI restaurant menu?

Walk on the beach? Sail?

Water aerobics or stretching? Or maybe play tennis?

Snacks without leaving the sea?

Or shopping at the hotel's unbelievable boutique?

Children are on recreation. What to do now?

How about a private romantic dinner in a gazebo, framed by the Muro Alto Sea?

Think like this... NANNAI Muro Alto managed to unite the best of exclusive, authorial and individualized hotels with the diversity of options and entertainment of a resort. It's the little big, nothing less, nothing more.

Guest Reviews

Best Relaxation. I was with my wife in Nannai for a 5 days break. We were looking for a beach destination, but without large crowds. The indication was this resort on Muro Alto beach. The experience was excellent. We ended up staying in a bungalow by the sea, which felt wonderful. Resting by the pool or sleeping with the sound of waves and wind hit the mark. (...). The bungalow has a special charm, a very comfortable king size bed and a bathroom (with a soaking tub) with many amenities. You wake up in the morning and admire the sea just a few meters away.




Excellent service, with good accommodation, good leisure options and quality and varied food. All hotel staff are very helpful and quick. The food is of good quality and varied. They are very careful with hygiene and cleanliness. The hotel is well equipped, both in leisure areas and in other areas.




Comfort and refinement with exclusivity. The Nannai Resort is undoubtedly one of the icons of luxury hotels in Brazil. An exquisite service, very capable and cordial. The bungalows with a private pool give an additional charm to those who stay and invest a little more to stay in these accommodations. Staying in normal apartments is also very good and comfortable. Comfortable beds, impeccable cleanliness, bathroom amenities and L'occitane Spa. The food is of high quality and with the diversity and face of Brazilian flavors. I consider it ideal for couples (honeymoon) or not.




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