The pleasure of gastronomy.

Flavors, aromas, and family secrets.

Abundance with curation. In this recipe, there is an extreme care for the ingredients, their freshness, the preparation method, and the respect for the supply chains up to consumption.

Gastronomy is an important part of NANNAI's culture. It blends the regional and the international with grace and inventiveness. It holds family secrets, like the "beijo caboclo," a sweet made with coconut milk, with a pudding-like texture. Irresistible!

It feels like a grand beach house of the dearest friends. The food is prepared and served with affection and smiles in the eyes.

TiaTê Muro Alto Restaurant

It could be just another delightful meeting point – excellent gastronomy, inspiring architecture, the meeting of waters, breathtaking view. It could. But it's not.

TiaTê Noronha Restaurant

Aunt's care, with NANNAI's sophistication. Now also with a view of Sueste Bay.

NANNAI Harmonniza

Encounters between NANNAI chefs and some of the most renowned chefs in Brazil.


Talents of Brazilian gastronomy bring special recipes and join NANNAI's chefs to provide gastronomic experiences.

NANNAI Harmonniza

Prominent figures in Brazilian gastronomy have visited here. Follow the calendar to find out who the next chefs to visit NANNAI's kitchen will be.

Upcoming NANNAI Harmonniza events

Emmanuel Bassoleil

January 4th 2024

With over 40 years of culinary career, 35 of which have been lived in Brazil, Emmanuel is currently the chef of the Skye restaurant at the Unique Hotel and is one of the most renowned professionals in the world.

Emmanuel also serves as a judge on the Top Chef Brasil program on TV Record and has his own show, "Um Dia de Chef," on Discovery + and Food Network.


Four hands dinners, with invited chefs.

Brazilian gastronomy talents bring special recipes and join NANNAI chefs to provide gastronomic experiences.
NANNAI's guests can contact our Reservations Department to make the booking.

Open to the external public exclusively by prior reservation.
Dinner BRL 275.00 per person without drinks.
External reservations open 15 days before the day of the event.

Learn more about the chefs


Chef Beethoven Picuí

September 9th 2023

A Paraibano with a Pernambucan heart, who conquered Brazil as a master barbecue chef, specializing in artisanal cuts and curing. A gastronome, restaurateur, and consultant, Chef Picuí blends ingredients, techniques, and elements from around the world into the heartfelt cuisine of his family.

With his work recognized by leading figures in gastronomy and his participation in barbecue festivals across Brazil, along with hosting workshops on northeastern barbecue, Picuí leads the kitchen at the Quintal do Picuí restaurant. There, he serves dishes typical of Northeastern cuisine, featuring original recipes that bear the hallmark of affectionate cooking.

Chef Juarez Campos

October 21st 2023

He is a great ambassador of Capixaba cuisine and is responsible for the moquecas on the TiaTê menu. The Chef is also the owner of Oriundi Restaurante and Casa do Chef Juarez, both located in Vitória, Espírito Santo. He is a member of the Association of Restaurants of Good Memories and the Italian Federation of Cooks. Today, his hallmark is the unique ability to transform simple ingredients into dishes with intense and harmonious flavors, which has earned him a series of awards and recognitions throughout his brilliant career.

Ariani Malouf

November 3rd 2023

Daughter of caterer Leila Malouf, with Lebanese roots, she learned from an early age that a plentiful table is a reason for gathering and sharing is an opportunity to savor the different. In addition to curating the menu for the most elegant events in Cuiabá at the catering business named after her mother, Ariani opened her own restaurant, Mahalo, in 2006.

On her second culinary visit to NANNAI, Ariani will bring an exclusive menu to TiaTê on the 3rd, and on the 4th of November, she will also curate the Lebanese-themed buffet for the dinner at the main restaurant.

Chef Daniel Biron

November 18th de 2023

Daniel became vegan about 16 years ago and since then has followed the growth of the market. For this reason, he believes that vegetables must play a leading role in dishes.
Daniel is currently the executive chef and owner of the Teva vegetable restaurant and bar, which has locations in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. And he is proud to be in charge of the first house in Brazil to obtain certification as a B company, a seal awarded to establishments that are aware of their socio-environmental role.

Chef Gabriel Coelho e Júlia Tricate

09 de dezembro de 2023

Essa será a segunda participação do casal no NANNAI Gastrô, tamanho foi o sucesso da primeira.
Ele, ganhador da primeira temporada do reality culinário Mestre do Sabor. Ela, vencedora do The Taste Brasil.  Juntos eles comandam os restaurantes De Segunda, De Primeira e Quintal de Primeira, em São Paulo.