A stay that will inspire you

Each room has its unique view of The Southeast Bay

The feeling of floating is enhanced by the structure raised from the ground by stilts. Space as far as the eye can see and a lot of breath. Comfort and privacy in 8 bungalows and 2 apartments.


Breathe deeply

The view is breathtaking

Decoration inspired by Brazil, with stories to tell. Space out of sight. A lot of breath. Each accommodation brings its own view of Baía do Sueste and, believe me, there are many angles. Comfort, privacy and that feeling of floating...


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Our most modern tradition

Aunt's affection with NANNAI's sophistication

TiaTê could be another delicious meeting point, great cuisine, inspiring architecture, meeting of the waters, stunning views. It could. But it is not.

Is the cuisine inspired by family recipes, or are they from life? With the appreciation of Pernambuco, Northeastern and Brazilian, but with a touch of innovation. Aunt's affection, with the NANNAI's sophistication.

This is TiaTê.
Our most modern Tradition

The TiaTê Restaurant is open to the public for lunch and dinner (book in advance)

Sustainability from scratch

Respect and balance, always.

Para o NANNAI, o bem-querer por sua localização e localidade é questão de identidade.
In Noronha, the brand continues with the sustainability work started by the Brussolo family, from Solar dos Ventos. Solar energy, wind generation tower, effluent treatment station, rainwater recycling, organic garden and plantation are part of our project.


Fernando de Noronha

Eecological sanctuary

Noronha is one of the most important ecological sanctuaries in the world. The Marine National Park is responsible for keeping the ecosystem conserved and protected. Some beaches are inside the park, such as Sancho, a favorite with tourists and voted the most beautiful beach in the world. It is sanctuary, refuge, destiny. One of those places that you need to visit at least once in your life. And you'll want to come back for many more.

To inspire your holidays

Options abound

Beaches, natural pools, trails, historic sites, lookouts, marine life, sports... falling in love with Noronha is inevitable.


Before you go

Some tips for you to program even better

Daily flights to Noronha depart from Recife and Natal on Voepass and Azul airlines. Arriving on the island, you will find an average temperature of 28 degrees. Take in your luggage: light clothes, sneakers, hat, bathing suit, flip-flops, sunglasses, sunscreen, repellent and a coat, just in case. Diving equipment can be rented on the island.

Before you go

Fees and taxes guarantee the preservation

To visit Noronha, you need the Environmental Preservation Fee (TPA), which is charged per day of stay. The other fee, which is not mandatory but recommended, is the ticket to discover the Marine National Park of Fernando de Noronha, valid for 10 days. Consult official websites for updated values.

With you, NANNAI Noronha

Our boutique INN, with the soul of a beach house.

NANNAI and Noronha. Much more than a hotel, NANNAI is a state of mind for those who know that traveling can transform who we are. Fernando de Noronha, marine life sanctuary, human refuge, listed as a Natural World Heritage Site by Unesco. And when we put the two together? NANNAI NORONHA Solar dos Ventos brings the NANNAI soul to Noronha. Boutique inn, inspired by your beach house. With only 10 accommodations, a few meters from The Southeast Bay, one of the most protected beaches on the island, with a view of the islands of Chapéu and Cabeluda. The Southeast beach, which is close to the Inn, is quite and perfect for an inspiring afternoon walk.