NANNAI's brand is its PEOPLE

To understand NANNAI, first look within. Know our people.

No matter the hierarchy, position or function. They are all, without exception, essentially human.

Our people have a good, interesting and captivating nature. They embrace those who arrive, with complicity and truth.

This is a different brand. Exclusive, yes. But that involves like no one else. Professional and intuitive.
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The environment is part of who we are

NANNAI doesn't enter a place, it builds its local history.

This delicate netting, which integrates with the community, is part of the principles of its hotel business. From the choice of decor to the appreciation of culture. From environmental protection to human development.

There is a serious and committed vision with sustainable tourism, which looks at the whole. Caring for its location and locality. Therefore, despite NANNAI choosing beautiful regions to be in, its brand manages to establish itself in a careful and permanent way.

NANNAI's Human Nature

NANNAI's human nature comes from its unique people who create extraordinary experiences. Building stories with those who live with them. With ethics, transparency and respect.

This balance between action and peace is at the core of NANNAI. Those who work here know the exact dosage of what you need. In a tangible and intangible, rational and
exceptional unity. And this magic comes through the air, intuitively, without anyone noticing. But it changes you day and night.

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