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  • Muro Alto • PE
    Venha para um destino incrivelmente natural
  • Fernando de Noronha • PE
    Esteja em integração com a mais pura natureza

Muro Alto • PE

NANNAI | Muro Alto

Muro Alto Beach is 9 km from Porto de Galinhas and 54 km from Recife. We are in an Atlantic Forest protected area, among coconut trees and mangroves, with all the richness of this ecosystem. The sea, in front, is protected by reefs, forming a natural pool of warm and crystalline waters. For this reason, many guests often say that NANNAI Muro Alto is their own destination.

Fernando de Noronha • PE

NANNAI | Noronha • Solar dos Ventos

Fernando de Noronha is one of those destinations where you connect with the divine.
A preserved island, marine life sanctuary, human refuge. Bungalows are also present at Pousada Boutique NANNAI Noronha Solar dos Ventos, refining accommodation where you have privacy and a structure ready to serve you with excellence. From all angles, you can see the sea of ​​Baía do Sueste just ahead.

The place will inspire you.

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Much more than a hotel,

a state of mind.

Imagine a beach house... Not just for its structure, decor and location. But for the people who are part of it, for their affection and hospitality. Do you know that uncomplicated and happy luxury? NANNAI is like that. Simple and magical, in a sophisticated atmosphere. To understand NANNAI, you need to deconstruct the traditional hosting concept. Much more than a destination, a place and a journey, NANNAI is a state of mind. Here, every moment of your journey matters as much as the destination. Our essence comes from within. Welcoming and empathetic. In it, there is the balance between action and peace. Our guests can travel anywhere in the world, but they choose NANNAI. And your choice comes from the heart. In your time, your way.

Feedback from our guests

Our experience at Nannai Muro Alto was wonderful. We love every detail. The affection of the employees, the infrastructure, the food. All excellent! The place is a refuge in the middle of nature with the right to refinement and sophistication. Wonderful!

Trip32533649832, jun/22

It is my third time at Nannai and each time, both the structure and the service are more impeccable. Staying is an experience! Gastronomy is one of the strengths. Nothing is more or less, everything is delicious and of the highest quality. In addition, it is noted that everything is done with extreme care and affection. All of this is unique, however, without a doubt, the service provided by all employees is, by far, Nannai's strong point. From arrival to departure, everyone we have any contact with is extremely polite, kind and always ready to help.

I will be back many more times, certainly!

marianabN973TD, jul/22

It's all so beautiful, wonderful!
Great place, very private, excellent service and great variety of food, all great!
It really pleases all tastes and also has several options for activities for those who like to move!

annarebeca, jun/22

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